Luminous Lagoon


Welcome to Fernsville Summer Forest Adventure Camp’s end of the summer Bug Splash at Jamaica’s glowing Luminous Lagoon. Join Grace\’s storytelling, musical bugs on an enchanting adventure into the world of folk tales from the Islands of the Caribbean to the Rainforest of Peru. Music featured by WaZoBia with Lifeguard Rhino Beetle Sunny playing the Bata drum, Counselor Leafwalker Josh playing the Conga’s, Counselor Dancing Gold Leaf Dragonfly Jen playing the recorder and balafones, and Head Cook Funnel Web Spider Geoff playing his orange six string base. All locations, topography, bugs, neon green water and mist are real. Bug species’ names have not been changed to protect these indigenous, endangered or habitat thriving, spineless creatures.
Luminous Lagoon Buggy Tales a Tunes


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