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Join us as we explore, play, and experience the vivid realism of folk and fairy tales.

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What is Story? 

Story = Change + Meaning

Story: The meaning we add to the events of our lives. The why's and how's of the things that happen in our lives.

Story's Change or Pivotal Points

Live is as it is.

Change happens ... Now what?

A new normal unfolds.

Story: The place where the ending is never the same as the beginning.


Experience the impact of story through the art and artistry of story development and the unique power of your voice.

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My journey my journal 
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Break out storytelling


I know, as a long-time writer of books about storytelling, the danger of a dry, process-oriented approach. Such books can parch the heart out of storytelling and may ultimately do more harm than good. But Grace Wolbrink keeps us dancing in the land of fancy and imagination. Her slender volume is wild, inspiring and sometimes puzzling - but never stodgy. I recommend Grace's book as an antidote to all mechanical approaches to the storytelling art. It reminds us to skip, fly, and roll in the grass as we let story guide us into unpredictable adventures.”

 Doug Lipman: StorytellingNewsletters.com

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Hi ...

 It was a dark and stormy night. The rain lashed against the trees. A lone figure emerged from the between the forest trees. Thunder crashed. Lightening struck. It’s light luminating a face beyond the hood….or maybe it was a balmy summers day and the queen was hanging out on her hammock reading the latest magazine of genetic meditation and on the journey of her 12 step process to visualize the child of your dreams….hair as black as a stallions mane…lips as red a rose petals ….. hmmmm the possibilities. It’s your story. Your journey. Your voice. Join me as we dabble, stretch and explore the possibilities in the reality of folklore and fairy tales. 

 I’m Grace! 

Just your friendly neighborhood fairy, witch, GIANT. Okay, all in one . . . Meaning - Storyteller. 

 Experience the transformational, healing, inspirational and engaging power of story.

"Grace's presentation was inspiring and informative. It was was hard to visualize what a storyteller would do in a modern world. Her stories of melding her Social Work practice with storytelling was amazing. Her presentation motivated me to add more descriptive language to my writing and to my oral presentations. She definitely inspired me to be more expressive in my presentations. Meanwhile, I have a million stories of my own, I only hope that someday I can tell them as well as she does.

Jeffery Gowell - Business Administration

grace wolbrink

Bringing folktales and fairy tales to life.