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Presenting in the moment, up-to-the minute, live; audience-engaging, story-inspired performances and presentations. Experience the power of story through story-based artistry and the unique power of your voice. For in story, as in life, its characters are as outlandishly adventurous, deviously mischievous and outrageously zany as any of us truly are.


tory-based artistry invites us into the vivid realism of story's compelling journey.

But hey! Wait a minute! Isn't everything we see, read and hear a story?


Great question! Stories invite you, the teller, and you, the audience member, into the dynamic relationships, interactions and transformations of story's adventures.


Story: Life is as it is . . . Change happens . . . Now what? . . . A new normal unfolds.

Story: The meaning we attach to the events of our lives.


Storyographers incorporates the engaging power and compelling structure of story into the art of storytelling and dance.


Story-based performances and presentations invite audiences into the captivating realms and vivid realism of story's compelling journey. Story, by its nature, is interactive. Stories, well told, invite others to join storytellers and dancers into story's adventurous unfolding.

Experience the powerful impact of story told through the uniqueness of your voice and movement. Unleash the power of story and let your story be the one remembered long after your performance or presentation is done. When we are in the presence of a great story; we tell it and tell it yet again.

While facts fill in the gaps on a need to know basis; stories invite, ignite and enhance the experiences of our lives.

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Storyographers collaborates with storytellers, dance teachers, artistic directors, school educators and church leaders in the development and implementation of story-based performances and presentations. Using the structure of story, as defined above, Storyographers offers artistic support and skill development in the areas of storytelling, story development and story-based choreography. A series of per-choreographed and narratively written mini-ballets and creative moment pieces are also available.  Primarily, although not exclusively, Storyographers uses the archetype motif of folklore as a basis for their work.

Our Awesome! Team

“I am thrilled to have Grace Wolbrink as a part of my program. She has a very diverse repertoire and that makes it possible for us to illustrate a number of different themes in a variety of ways. Her enthusiasm keeps the kids engaged and energized.  She truly understands the value of what she does, which elevates her program from light entertainment to an exciting educational experience.” –


Dana Currie - Program Facilitator, Grand Rapids Art Museum




What People Think...

Break Out Storytelling supports you in breaking out of the printed word and breaking into the power of your voice.  Discover your signature voice and style as you craft, adapt and re-tell traditional folktales or create an original story. Join Grace on a creative journey into the realm of story and the artistry of story development. Using folktales as a basis, Grace provides a structural framework for crafting stories orally. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of story development and is followed by a series of exercises. Discover the power of story and the richness of your unique voice in the art of storytelling and story development.


While the emphasis of this book is on oral tradition , it's structure  and format can easily be crossed over into the literary realm of writing and story development.


Ebook! Break Out Storytelling

Coming Soon!

“I LOVE it! I love all the magical words Grace’s uses to bring such vivid imagery into my mind. As I read her book, I am able to see exactly what is happening in the story and in the chapter exercises. This book was so much fun to read, I am going to read it again, just for the sheer pleasure of it!"


Ruth Meyers


"I know, as a long-time writer of books about storytelling, the danger of a dry, process-oriented approach. Such books can parch the heart out of storytelling and may ultimately do more harm than good. But Grace Wolbrink keeps us dancing in the land of fancy and imagination. Her slender volume is wild, inspiring and sometimes puzzling - but never stodgy. I recommend Grace's book as an antidote to all mechanical approaches to the storytelling art. It reminds us to skip, fly, and roll in the grass as we let story guide us into unpredictable adventures.”


Doug Lipman: StorytellingNewsletters


I just finished reading Breakout Storytelling.  I LOVE it. So many ideas and inspiration are spinning in my head right now. Grace's writing style is funny and engaging . . . much like a story. I love the exercises and helpful hints at the end of each chapter. I am intrigued with the idea of knowing the ending first . . . and really getting into the main character of the story. As I am currently writing a children's book about Fairies this is very helpful for me. So I can see how storytelling and fiction writing can fuse together well . . . so. . . Break Out Storytelling could be an asset to fiction writers too!


 Minnie Kansman:  Eco-Balance

“Dynamic! Dramatic! Entertaining! Unplug the TV and plug Grace in!”


Sherri Pringle: RN, MA Education - Mother’s Trust: Interfaith Institute



Happy! Clients

"We have known Grace Wolbrink as a masterful storyteller and have experienced her work in several settings including stage, church, and family gatherings.

Her work is consistently creative and artistic, often challenging and always a lot of fun. She readily connects with inter-generational and multicultural audiences adapting stories for each group and occasion. When her story includes elements of dance, both choreographed and performed, by Andrea Nightingale, the story becomes even more compelling."


 Ann B.Dieleman, MS, LLP and Dr. Peter W. Dieleman, MD

Storytelling to go! CD'S

Captivated and compelled by the environmental richness, changes and variety of rain forest topography, Grace utilized its diverse wildlife and plant life as the basis for these CD's.  As a tribute to the world's remaining rainforest's, all stories have been adapted and retold within the context of a specific country's rain forest bi oms.



The Brazilian termites invite you to join us...tonight at twilight... Join Grace's storytelling bugs on an enchanting adventures into the world of folk tales from the islands of the Caribbean to the Rainforest's of Brazil.


For Kids 7 - 12 & Youth
of All Ages




Luminous Lagoon!

Welcome to Fernsville Forest Adventure Camp's end of the sumer Bug Splash. Join Grace's Storytelling music bugs in an enchanting adventure into the world of folk tales from the Islands of the Caribbean to the Rainforest's of Brazil.


For Kids 3 to 7 & Youth
of All Ages



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